Why Is Moldavite Special?

Moldavite is truly unique. It is rarer than diamonds or gold and unlike quarts crystals for example there will never be another “vein” of Moldavite. Most people that do not sense crystal energy do from Moldavite. Many people sense heat when the stone is held. This occurrence is so common has been dubbed the “Moldavite flush”. It is know as the stone of transformation. Working with the heart, third eye, and crown chakras make it a powerful tool for personal transformation.

Where To Buy?

Moldavite can be purchased online, at your local crystal shop, and right here on MoldaviteLife.com. Always buy from a reputable dealer. It is estimated that only 3-4 tons have been found in all of human history making this beautiful green gem from outer space quite rare. Unfortunately there are a lot of fakes on the market so always buy from a from a trusted source. Moldavite comes in many unusual natural shapes & sizes. Shop for moldavite!

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