Welcome to the About page for Moldavite Life. If you have made it this far then you have probably learned a little bit about moldavite itself. Depending on where you are in your walk of life this may or may not be something new.. the whole magical green meteor thing. It seems to affect each person differently and if you work with it regularly then chances are transformation is in your future. If this is totally new and you are curiously drawn to learning as much as you can about moldavite then it may be time to work with it. If you are not ready for change then steer clear of moldavite. In my own personal opinion it really does what they say in regards to things in your life shifting quickly. This is coming from someone with a strong analytical mind with the objective insight to seek the truth whatever that may be. This is only one personal account of life unfolding at a very fast pace. When working with it on a regular bases you may not notice much in the first couple of months but pay close attention. Six months down the line or so look back at recent events, people you’ve met, and synchronicity type moments. The Moldavite Life story begins here.

Moldavite is know as the transformation stone. I can vouch for that one personally! After casually strolling the path of a new spiritual awakening for few years now, I found myself completely drawn to work with moldavite. As a kid I had a small crystal collection. A few years ago I gave the collection to a friend’s son because at the time I had lost interest and it seemed like he would appreciate them much more. Fast forward a couple of years and I found myself drawn to collecting crystals again. Then in 2016 I stumbled upon moldavite. I was immediatly captivated. According to what I found this was seriously unlike any crystal I had known. I began researching all that I could find out about this mysterious green crystal from outer space. After visiting and calling several local shops I finally found my first piece of moldavite.

Most people that do not sense crystal energy do feel from moldavite. After about 3 weeks of searching and growing anticipation I was honestly a little disappointed when I was not sure if I “felt” moldavite’s energy or not. I had a very very minor burning in my hand but dismissed it because it was so minute. I really was trying to be objective. One video I watched said that channeled information from a higher being gave a note of precaution to those who had never worked with it before. It was advised that you work with it for 5 – 10 minutes at a time until you get used to moldavite’s energy. Um.. I ignored the warning label! lol Each day the little piece of moldavite was in my pocket along with a quartz crystal in my other pocket. Why carry the two? See the FAQ page. At night I would place it under my pillow. Strangely enough I felt almost a mild electrical shock sensation off and on on my tongue at night for about the first week. It almost felt like a slight 9V battery there for a split second. Again objectively I dismissed it as maybe I had my head turned the wrong way or something. See FAQ for more on electrical sensations. For the first few days I had the headache and ungrounded spacey head feeling they talk about. This is a real phenomenon!

Fast forward a couple of months and things in my outer world began to change. This was mainly showing up in the form of new people I was meeting. Doors began to open with conversations about possible business opportunities. Then I was invited to speak about moldavite at a local art and community event. Things began to move even quicker at that point. In preparation for the event I decided I was going to have some moldavite on hand to sell. That very same week I also began creating small wire wrapped pendants. The pendants were made with small pieces of moldavite. Two things became crystal clear very quickly. 1.Moldavite was rare and very expensive. 2. You have to be careful where you buy from because there are a lot of fakes on the market. After very thorough research I was confident enough to have found a reputable source. Receiving my first large order of moldavite only days before the event left me with little time to prepare. I immediately began examining my order sorting out which pieces would be for sale and which would be set aside for making more moldavite jewelry. Being around almost 300 grams of moldavite for the first time for an extended period had me would up like a top! My energy levels were through the roof and it felt almost like I had several cups of espresso coffee!!! lol The event was a lot of fun and I meat some wonderful people. I sold a few pendants and being there yielded some incredibly valuable insight for making new moldavite jewelry. Finally with that weekend behind it was time to turn my focus back to the Moldavite Life Podcast. This is where the about page ends and the real adventure begins. The website is up as you can see and it is evolving fast. If you have worked with moldavite or have a story to share I would love to hear from you! Please contact me!