Episode 2: Creativity Strikes! Making Moldavite Jewelry

moldavite pendant

When was the last time you were inspired to create something? If you have been working with moldavite then chances are it wasn’t that long ago! 🙂 For as long as I can remember I have been a very creative artist! Always creating one thing or another depending on the tools put before me. If I was cooking then it in the kitchen, if drawing with pen or pencil yup you guessed it.. and so on and so on. The artist inside me seems to rejoice every time a new creative outlet is discovered. Recently something new has come about in the form of jewelry making. Not just any jewelry mind you.. I have been creating moldavite jewelry. After a few months of working in my spare time I have a small collection of wire wrapped moldavite pendants, moldavite rings, moldavite earrings, and more.

Creativity struck as I held moldavite in one hand and sterling silver wire in the other. Even before I found my first piece of moldavite I had been searching for a moldavite pendant. It did not have to be elaborate. After seeing many prices online I found myself at a local crystal shop. Yes this is were I found my first piece of moldavite. Shortly there after I purchased some sterling silver wire. My first moldavite pendant was a simple wire wrap and there was a sense of accomplishment as I wore my little green stone from outer space. Fast forward to today and over the last few months I have been really getting into making moldavite jewelry of all kinds. I have also been creating some very unique moldavite artwork. This will make for a great show soon! Anyway this is episode 2 of the podcast and if you are stumbling upon this site early thank you for taking time to check it out! I really appreciate it! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: When creativity strikes make something awesome!
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