Crystal Lovers Stay Tuned For Moldavite Life ~ Mysterious Green Meteorite

Moldavite Besednice

Chances are that if you have been searching the web for info about a mysterious green crystal called Moldavite it has lead you here. Well.. GOOD NEWS!! A new Podcast about this tektite called Moldavite Life is on the way! If you already have a piece of this magical green tektite then you already know a bit about it. If on the other hand you are new to the whole Moldavite experience then you are in for a real treat! Before I get to far into it let me answer a basic question for newbies.. What is Moldavite?

Roughly 15 million years ago a massive meteorite came to earth in an area that is known today as Czechoslovakia. Scientists have two main theories as to how Moldavite was created. The prevailing theory is that the meteor collided with such force that it literally vaporized upon impact. Along with the original mass of the extraterrestrial meteor an enormous amount of terrestrial material from the earth’s surface was kicked up as well. This terrestrial material was primarily sand which is basically tiny bits of quarts crystal. As the gases began to cool down a green glass like material began to form. Scientists classify this as a tektite. This green tektite called Moldavite literally rained down from the sky above. What makes Moldavite so special?

While most people may refer to Moldavite as a crystal this is not actually true. As mentioned before Moldavite is classified as a tektite. Crystals have structure. By their very “nature” they can be very intricate and geometric in shape. Moldavite has an amorphous structure meaning that there is no structure. The molecules align every which way. Another major thing about this mysterious green stone from outer space is the fact that it is highly energetic in the crystal healing sense. It is considered to be a “high vibration” stone. Most people that can not sense crystal energy do feel something from Moldavite. It is also know as the transformation stone sometimes ushering in great abrupt change in the lives of those that feel called to work with it. This is kind of where story for the Moldavite Life podcast begins. If you want to learn more please visit the About page.

After scouring the web for countless hours and seeking out various perspectives on just what this magical green meteorite from outer space is I found myself utterly fascinated. While there are a number of good sources for what seemed to be genuinely well rounded info on the subject, there seems to be a gap for something more. The purpose of the Moldavite Life podcast is to seek out strange new worlds.. to go where no man has.. oh wait! Somebody did that already! lol Seriously though I hope you will join me as I explore everything there is to know about this mysterious green crystal from outer space. You are personally invited. Here are some of the topics I look forward to covering in upcoming podcast episodes.

Some Upcoming Topics on the Moldavite Life Podcast:

  • What is Moldavite? (more in depth)
  • Where does it come from?
  • Why is Moldavite the only tektite that they make gems from?
  • Why is it so rare?
  • Learn about the Healing Properties of Moldavite
  • How people are working with Moldavite
  • Combining Healing energies of Moldavite with Crystals
  • Meditating and Astral Projection
  • Communicating with Extra Terrestrials
  • The connection with Starseed and Indigos
  • Fascinating life experiences from people working with Moldavite
  • My own personal journey with Moldavite and much more!

If you have been working with Moldavite I would like to hear from you. Please post here or contact me with an email. If your life has been transformed by this magic green stone from the heavens above or you have something cool to share please reach out! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned the Moldavite Life podcast begins October 2016! 🙂

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