Episode 3: Signed up for Star Elder Moldavite Channeling Ceremony in North Carolina

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About a month ago I ran across an advertisement for a Moldavite Ceremony & Star Elder Channeling event in November. Yesterday I signed up! The “class” will be held at The Light Center at Black Mountain, NC. As of now it looked like there were 18 students signed up. This really sounds like it will be an amazing weekend! Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a door that you had no idea where it led to on the other side? Depending on where you are on your path in life the term channeling could bring to mind any number of images and connotations. Channeling for those that don’t know is when a person kind of acts like a medium between people here on earth and spirits or higher beings from parts unknown. Kind of like tuning a radio to a “channel” to listen to a signal from outside the known universe. At least this is what I understand to be the case. In this one time event Kady Morgan will be channeling our star elders. After the channeling we will be laying down under the domed sanctuary and using moldavite along with a sound bath to open our hearts even more.. remember moldavite works primarily with the heart chakra! I am obviously all about the moldavite as you can tell and channeling is something completely new to me so this class should be very interesting to say the least! Here is an excerpt from the ad for the moldavite channeling ceremony:

Ceremonies like these actually shift our DNA. They can help us transcend things we have been living with for years. They can also provide life-changing insights, leaps in consciousness, and provoke healing for our family and ancestors. They also profoundly shift our earth and collective consciousness.

As an added bonus the moldavite channeling ceremony is to be held at The Light Center in Black Mountain North Carolina. This seriously adds the overall cool spiritual factor. What is so special about The Light Center you may ask? From what I have heard and read this is one of the top spiritual destinations on the east coast of the US. First off the Star Elder Moldavite Channeling Ceremony will be held up in the Light Center Dome. During the channeling ceremony students will also  They have a light room where visitors can meditate under healing colors of light. The Healing Labyrinth is great for a walking meditation. There are several Prayer / Meditation destinations linked together by trails across 160 acres of woods, streams, and meadows with beautiful hiking trails. The Light Center Lodge provides an ideal location for retreats. One view that sounds amazing is on their stone terrace overlooking the Appalachian Mountains welcoming a new day at sunrise! In case you are wondering yes I have reservations and am looking forward to sharing some of this beautiful scenery on the Moldavite Life Podcast with you! Fortunately being a resident of Virginia (one state away) this is not too long of a drive. With the event in November there should be some absolutely beautiful scenery there at Black Mountain, North Carolina. I am indeed looking forward to this!

Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: When creativity strikes make something awesome!
  • Learn more about the Moldavite Ceremony & Star Elder Channeling class Clarity Stone Medicine‘s website.
  • Check out Kady Morgan‘s site to learn more about her healing services, channeling, and past life regression work.
  • If you are interested in learning more about The Light Center please check out their website!
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