Episode 4: How to Charge your Moldavite Crystal with the Sun? ~ Viewer Question

charge moldavite in sunlight

How do you charge moldavite? Do you need to charge moldavite just like a crystal? Recently a viewer question came in on YouTube. Solomon Moses asked “Does it make sense to charge or try to charge your Moldavite with sunlight?” As you know from Episode 1 of the podcast I mentioned that I love to research and find out as much as I can about something that peaks my interest. Moldavite just happens to be one of those things! After many many countless hours I still consider myself relatively new to the Moldavite Life. There are a few experts out there. Robert Simmons is one of them if not the authority on this subject (I would like to have him on the show one day). While I do not consider myself an expert yet I am confident with the sheer volume of my research so far to answer most questions about moldavite. Before we get started consider the following concept and apply it to everything animate and inanimate. Every living thing breathes life. Yup sometimes you may need to think outside the box to find answers. So lets get to answering those questions shall we?!!

Yes it does make sense to charge your moldavite with sunlight, moonlight, and under the stars during a meteor shower. Lets take a step back and examine what this green crystal is really made of before exploring the ways of charging your moldavite. If someone handed you a battery and you had never seen one before would you know how to charge it? You would have to learn a little about it and maybe even what it was made of in order to charge it right?! OK. Yes most of you probably know that moldavite is just shy of 15 million years old and is what scientists call a tektite. What is a tektite? This is a glass like substance created from both the earths crust (a lot of quarts) and the remains of an extra terrestrial impact event (meteor). See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more info. Without getting too far off track from our original question think about what moldavite is made of for a moment. Now think about the many forms of energy.. at least the ones we know of. Moldavite is a combination of both terrestrial and extra terrestrial materials. This is completely unique to anything found here on earth. Yup.. its out of this world! lol You can charge crystals with both sunlight and moonlight. Unlike crystals which have a structure moldavite is amorphous. This means that the molecules line up every which way with no structure. We could go so far down the rabbit hole that Steven Hawkings would be proud but for now back to the question. How to Charge your Moldavite Crystal?

You can charge moldavite in the sun. You can charge it under a full moon. You can also charge your moldavite under the nights sky during a meteor shower. Moldavite was born under the stars as a result of a meteor! In a way a meteor shower’s energy would resonate with that of its 15 million year old cousin now here on earth. Logically would you say that universal energies would agree? Millions of years ago moldavite was on this same path flying through the universe. As a glass like substance light, magnetism, gravity, and other known forms of energy can pass through correct? What about the many forms of energy flowing through the universe that we have not discovered yet? Remember the battery analogy. For most of us we can sense and feel that this green crystal definitely has a vibrational signature all its own. If the holder / owner of a moldavite piece is not working then it is not charged or is turned off. Yes this green gem seems to have a mind of its own in this regard. If the owner has negative intentions it will simply turn itself off. Sounds weird huh? This would be a good topic for another Moldavite Life Podcast 🙂 For now please show some love to fellow moldaviters and pass the word.. Take your moldavite out under the nights sky next time you are stargazing. Go outside to sunbathe and know that the moldavite is also there soaking up some positive energy as well. If you have a moldavite pendant then wear it out and about or on a drive as the sunlight flickers through the trees. Your moldavite will thank you!

Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: Every living thing breaths life. Energize your moldavite under the heavens above day or night!
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