Episode 6: Amplify Moldavite Energy With Herkimer Diamonds

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When it comes to learning more about crystals and combining them with moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds are at the top of the list. Crystals are used in radios. Both scientifically and logically it simply makes sense that by pairing your moldavite with a Herkimer Diamond or any crystal would aid in amplifying the effects of your moldavite stone. Quarts is not only amplifies but also stabilizes the energy of moldavite as well. Any time you have two positives like that I would consider it a big plus and reason to add quarts when carrying a piece of moldavite. Ironically Herkimer Diamonds are know to work best with the heart chakra the same as moldavite. Herkimer crystals are also very high vibration stones that can be used with the third eye and crown chakra as well. Why is this ironic you ask? Think about moldavite. They both seem to share a few key attributes I just named. They also both do a really good job of helping one to bring up any issues that need to be addressed.I went a little more in depth for today’s podcast and you can watch the video or listen to it on iTunes. For now back to the text for those of you reading here 😉

Herkimer Diamonds are not actually “diamonds” yet they sparkle naturally because of the beautiful double terminated structures they are.. without having to be cut by man the way a “diamond in the rough” does. The name “Herkimer” comes from these beautiful double terminated crystals only coming from one place in the world.. Herkimer County in New York. There are similar shaped double terminated crystals found in China for example but the energy is not the same. Herkimers began to form about a half a billion years ago in what is called dolomite where scientists say was once a body of water. Herkies as they as sometimes affectionately called are often found with inclusions of carbon, iron, and enhydros. I spoke about this in today’s episode of the Moldavite Life Podcast so if you are interested and have not yet watched or listened please do so! Many Herkimer Diamonds also can be found with small phantom crystals (crystals growing inside crystals). It is some very interesting info to say the least! As always thank you for tuning into the show. If you have any questions about combining moldavite with Herkimer diamonds or any other crystals please comment or email me. I would love to hear from you!


Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: You can boost the effects of your moldavite by combining it with crystals. Try adding a Herkimer Diamond crystal when carrying a piece of moldavite to amplify the energy.
  • Special thanks again to Beth at Beads and Rocks in Virginia Beach, Va. for talking with us for today’s podcast!
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