Episode 8: Star Elder Moldavite Channeling Ceremony at Light Center NC!

moldavite ceremony

If Moldavite is of interest to you then Today’s episode of the Moldavite Life Podcast is a very special one! Last summer I saw a flyer  online for an event in Black Mountain NC that included Moldavite. Ok so if you have been following along you know that is kind of what this whole journey “Moldavite Life Podcast” is about. As it turned out this was an incredible experience that I will never forget! After learning about the event I was very much intrigued. The fact that it was being held at the Light Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina made me even more excited. Why you ask? Over the years many of my family members have visited this incredibly spiritual place. I heard stories over the years and have often wanted to go but because of the distance never made it a priority.

As the day of the event drew closer I found circumstances in my life going back in forth and was concerned I might not be able to go. I made sure to sign up early to reserve a place. The thing was that it was about 6 hours away! In order for this trip to happen a few things had to work out.. 1. Request off from work.. Check! 2. Make sure the vehicle was road ready for the drive.. Check! Hmm.. The third and final piece of the puzzle was simply having the money to go after putting over $500 into my vehicle.. Check! Everything worked out and I was able to go. I won’t go into detail here so you can check out today’s Moldavite Podcast episode because that is were the real life experience is!

Special thanks to Sara Thomas and Kady Morgan for organizing and holding this event. It was an incredible experience that I will not forget! If you would like to learn more about Sara and Kady please check out their websites: links listed below in today’s show notes. Both Sara and Kady are incredibly gifted healers with their abilities. Again if you are ever in the area I can not recommend these two ladies enough if you are in NC seeking guidance for healing in you life. They did a great job holding sacred space for everyone and the energy there. There is a favorite quote that comes to mind. “Dreamers are a dime a dozen, doers change the world”. It was worth the 6 hour drive to attend the Star Elder Moldavite Channeling Ceremony because at the end of the day I like being around innovators!

I would also like to thank The Goure Family for all of their wonderful hospitality while I was there. If anyone reading this has ever wanted to go I can not recommend this enough. It is truly a magical place. Many of my family members told me that if I could I should stay at the lodge. The Light Center has a very cozy lodge at the top of a hill overlooking the mountains. You can rent a room if you are coming from a good distance. The view of the surrounding mountains is simply breathtaking and at night you can gaze for hours at a sky rich with stars from the heavens above. The complimentary breakfast is simple yet one of the best I have ever had. If you are vegan or are health conscious I strongly recommend staying there vs a hotel for the night.

I apologize for the delay for today’s show. I was given special permission to record video inside the Light Center at Black Mountain NC. and on the walking paths on one condition. The thing is that as an agreement I would not post today’s show publicly until it was reviewed. Long story short the original version “Episode 8: Star Elder Moldavite Channeling Ceremony at Light Center NC!” was not approved. So I had to remove and redo the video portion. Enjoy!

Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: Humanity always has something to learn. Innovation even in a spiritual sense faces challenges when it is not understood. If we are unwilling or unable to open our hearts and examine foreign concepts we may miss opportunities that the universe is sending our way.
  • If you would like to learn more about Sara Thomas and her healing work please check out ClarityStoneMedicine.com
  • You can also learn more about Kady Morgan’s healing & channel services at hew website KadyMorgan.com
  • Learn more about UNITED RESEARCH, INC., a nonprofit corporation (The Light Center) at URlight.org
  • The views and opinions expressed in this video are from my own experience in a spiritual journey of one man’s life. They are not representative of the views of UNITED RESEARCH, INC. (The Light Center).
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