Episode 1: Introduction for the Moldavite Podcast & Topics to be Explored

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Welcome to the first edition to the all new Moldavite Podcast! As you can see this show was recorded out in nature with lots of crickets in the background. I meant to record this the night before under the stars. Unfortunately the light from my campfire was not enough lighting for the moldavite video. In episode one I felt it best to not only talk about moldavite but also some of the upcoming topics for the show. Here are some of the topics that we will be exploring in upcoming shows: Exactly what is moldavite and where does it come from? Why is moldavite so rare? Join us as we talk with guests working with the healing energies of crystals and moldavite. Learning more about how people are using this transformation stone to assist in meditating, channeling higher beings, and also astral projection. Why do most starseed and indigo people feel drawn to work with it? While I am not the best writer I can promise you that if you are seeking to learn something new or simply wanting to learn more about this sometimes mysterious green tektite from the heavens above then stay tuned! This journey is just getting started!


Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: Every new thing in life has a beginning. Make the best of what you have to work with.
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