Episode 5: Making Moldavite Crystal Water!!

moldavite crystal water

Today’s episode of the Moldavite Life Podcast explores one way you can you can stay hydrated and benefit from a boost of energy by adding moldavite to a morning glass of water.ย Yes today we are making moldavite water charge naturally by life giving sunlight! Have you have ever made sun tea or sun water by adding a quartz crystal to it? Water by itself is an amazing substance. Chances are most of us think little about this miraculous resource until we find ourselves really thirsty. Did you know that water is the only substance on earth that can exist in three states?.. from solid, to liquid, and also a gaseous state. Science has still not yet been able to explain why water this is. Another amazing and relatively new fact is that modern science has found that water has memory. Yeah sounds pretty wild huh?! Water coming into contact with any substance leaves a “trace” in that water. If water records new properties based on its environment then it would only make sense that if you place a piece of moldavite in a glass of water for example, then the water would pick something up from moldavite’s energy. If you have been following the podcast then I do not need to go into detail about some of the wonders of moldavite and its unique energy. Or how most people do sense something from it.. OK enough said on that subject. There is a wealth of knowledge out on the web about the science of water. There is also a growing amount of knowledge about moldavite online as well. You can learn more about the science and mysteries of water by checking out the link below in today’s show notes below.

Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: Water plays such an important role in our lives yet most of us take it for granted. The next time you have some water give thanks, give your water a little love, and appreciate that there is more than meets the eye with this miraculous life giving substance.
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