Episode 7: Making Moldavite Meditation Oil ~ POWERFUL SUPER MOON ENERGY!

super moon moldavite meditation oil

Sometimes it can be challenging to make time to simply quiet the mind and meditate. Today’s Moldavite life Podcast has been a long time in the works. Why so long you ask? I started creating this Moldavite Meditation Oil on the day of the New Moon leading up to the SUPER MOON of November 2016. For those that may be new to the lunar cycles.. this recent SUPER MOON was the most powerful the earth has seen in almost 70 years! Over the course of two weeks I recorded video clips along the way documenting the creation and making of this very powerful Moldavite Meditation Oil. I tried to infuse as much positive uplifting energy into it as possible. For about the last couple of years I have been learning about healing with sound. This healing modality came in handy while utilizing my 528hz tuning fork to cleanse energy in and around the rose quartz crystal ball, genuine Moldavite pieces, and essential oils. Combine this with charging the Moldavite in the sunshine and under the stars leading up to the SUPER MOON made this some very powerful meditation oil indeed! If you have not already please check out the video and see for yourself how this very special magical oil was made! If you would like to help support the Moldavite Life Podcast and get a bottle for yourself then please visit the Moldavite Shop!

Show notes from today’s Moldavite Podcast

  • Lesson for the day: Even if you may not sense energies (crystal or otherwise) have faith! Energy is all around us!
  • If you would like to buy some of the Moldavite Meditation Oil featured in today’s Podcast visit the Moldavite Shop!
  • Lear more about the AMAZING info about 528hz frequency. www.attunedvibrations.com
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