Posting a Quick Announcement About the Moldavite Shop


Hello all!! It is now past 3AM and I have been working last minute (and late hours) to get the moldavite shop portion of the site up by the 30th. Well after working on this for the last 5 hours or so I am going to have to simply postpone the launch of the shop. For one thing only a small fraction of the inventory that is available has been posted in the shop for sale. Also due largely to some technical specs I need to work on this on a weekday.. yes sometimes wearing many hats can be over burdensome to say the least. Please know that I am working on having a lot more real genuine Moldavite for sale in the shop as well as a nice selection of Moldavite jewelry too.

On a side note Episode 5 of the podcast is well under way and will explore charging water in sunlight with your moldavite! Also tomorrow I will be taking the Moldavite Life Podcast on the road to a local crystal shop to explore the topic of Herkermer Diamonds in response to another viewer question. Some great shows are coming up so if you just tuned in or found the podcast thanks for checking it out!

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