ELEGANT 7X5mm Genuine Moldavite .925 Silver Oval Gem Pendant

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This simple yet elegant .925 silver Moldavite gem pendant is gorgeous! It is made from high quality Argentian .925 Silver. The beautiful 7X5mm green beauty is a genuine piece of Moldavite that has been cut into a gem! Moldavite is one of the few tektites that have been cut into gems because of its emerald gem like look. The pendant is not marked due to its delicate size but is .925. All of my energy jewelry creations are carefully selected and crafted with love and quality. I spend a little more money buying the Argentian silver wire instead of regular .925 sterling because it is higher quality! The genuine Moldavite gem is 7mm X 5mm oval. “AS” is “Argentium Silver” which is a higher grade of silver that does not tarnish as quickly like traditional silver.

The quarter is not part of this sale. The quarter is used to display proportion and size.

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