HIGH VIBRATION Super 7 Melody Seven & Moldavite Silver PENDANT

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This Super 7 crystal / Melody Seven stone with genuine Moldavite is a real high vibe combination for a pendant! This is a very spiritual pendant with a unique set of properties. Super Seven also known as Melody 7 crystal or stone is extraordinary in the mineral kingdom in that it forms with 7 minerals. They include Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Rutile, Cacoxenite, Geothite and Lepidocrocite. Any time a crystal naturally grows with multiple types of quarts and minerals they act synergetically together with their metaphysical energies. Elegantly wired together with AS .925 silver wire is another high energy piece.. Moldavite! These two high energy power houses make this a wonderful piece of energy jewelry for someone looking for the next level! Together, these 7 energies naturally create a resonate frequency that facilitates spiritual growth on all levels of being. The Super 7 / Melody 7 crystals help us to connect to the subconscious mind. They assist one in remembering why you are here, what your role is this lifetime, and how you can live your life’s purpose to its highest degree.

The quarter is not included with this sale. It is displayed to show size and proportion for the pendant. Each custom piece of real Moldavite jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. I spend a little more money buying the Argentian silver wire and settings instead of regular .925 sterling because it is higher quality! The wire is AS .925 silver. “AS” is “Argentium Silver” which is a higher grade of silver that does not tarnish as quickly like traditional silver.

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