Twisted Silver Wire Genuine Moldavite Tektite Pendant 5.9 Grams

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This simple yet elegant silver wire with real Moldavite tektite is a strong piece!!! The .925 silver wire with genuine piece of Moldavite weighs a total of 5.9 grams. If you have never been around Moldavite or are sensitive to it you may want to only wear this for very short periods of time until you know how it will affect you.

Each custom piece of real Moldavite jewelry I create comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is one of my earlier pieces and is regular .925 silver wire. My newer pieces are made with Argentium silver. I spend a little more money buying the Argentian silver wire and settings instead of regular .925 sterling because it is higher quality! The settings for the gem eyes are AS .925 silver. “AS” is “Argentium Silver” which is a higher grade of silver that does not tarnish as quickly like traditional silver. The quarter is not part of the sale. It is used to display size and proportion.

*** In my personal experience I have seen people that sense the energy of Moldavite immediately and are very sensitive! Others do not sense it at all. They simply look at it as if it were a rock they randomly picked up off the ground. My first piece was about 4 grams and while I was not immediately sensitive to it I could tell there really is something to it the first week I was around it. This is shared so that you can make an informed buying decision. ~ Levi ***

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