Soft Launch of the Moldavite Life Website

If you have miraculously stumbled upon this little corner of the web then consider yourself a pioneer! The Moldavite Life website is well under way and updates are being made daily as of 10/5/16. The website will be ready for full access along with the new Podcast about Moldavite by the end of this month (October 2016). Many new high quality pieces of moldavite as well as moldavite wire wrapped jewelry, and fine art will be available for purchase.

The website as you can tell is up! As a graphic artist, web developer, sound designer, and all around creative guy the skills needed for creating such a site like this thankfully are all in my skill set. I have a huge vision for this website! a few elements include the Moldavite Life Podcast, the Moldavite Map, and a shop for those looking to buy real natural moldavite as well. First off it can be difficult at times managing such a wide variety of ultimately creative outlets. As a web designer one can easily get lost in countless hours working on the Moldavite Life project. As an graphic artist I spend moldavite healing crystalcountless hours working on the custom logo(s) and graphics. The sound designer in me loves getting into the highly technical recording and editing aspects for podcast. By the way the podcast will be available in both audio as well as video format. The constantly evolving creative spirit within me stays quite busy coming up with new moldavite art and wire wrapped moldavite jewelry for the shop. One of the most important life lesson that any driven artist must manage is to focus.

The new podcast will be exploring the many fascinating experiences and life stories with the people that work with this mysterious green stone from outer space. Yes this will include a guest or two talking about the connection between extraterrestrials and moldavite. Have you heard of a starseed? Stay tuned we will explore starseeds, crystal healing, astral projection, UFOs, and a lot more! Well I must be honest in saying that a lot of what I have researched is quite fascinating and um.. some of it just plain out there! None the less my goal with the podcast is to keep an open mind as we all learn something new. So if you are up for it then please join us as we explore this magical green tektite called moldavite.

Moldavite is know as the stone of transformation. You are invited as I share some of my own personal synchronization life events, stories, and unfolding spiritual walk that I’m on right now. For now if you just found this website please check back soon as it will be constantly evolving. If you are looking to purchase genuine moldavite then you can buy from the shop beginning October 30, 2016.  Stay up to date and get notified when new posts, podcast episodes, discount sales, and updates are available by signing up for the newsletter. Also please share this with a friend on facebook! Until next time thanks for reading.. Raise your Vibration!

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